What we offer

01. Extra shop

Extra shop” is an excellent and original shop for different needs and tastes. The products are selected for personal needs and pampering, as well as excellent extra gifts for various occasions.
Because quality and good price are important in the first place, we put it all together in this store. You get the selected products quickly, which is great for last-minute buyers.

02. Extra gifts

Extra gifts” are presented in visual ambiences, because only in this way the items are more realistic and the customer has a better idea of each product. Here are some ideas on how to set up or furnish rooms with our items.
The items are of higher quality at reasonable prices. Because all people are individual and unique, with different tastes and views, for this reason, we strive to replace and re-equip visual ambiences with products who satisfy your needs and desires.

03. Luxury gifts

“Luxury gifts” is presented in the same way as extra gifts, except that we present in these ambiences and groups luxury items of the highest quality with slightly higher prices. Because we believe that luxury is not just for the wealthy, we try to bring the items in this group closer to those who once thought they could not afford the luxury. Here and now, you can afford it with us. We invite you to check out the offer that is accessible and original for anyone who wants to pamper themselves and bring a smile to their face.

04. Extra Gift Card

The “Extra Gift Card” is suitable for a moment of indecision for those who do not know what to buy and is a great gift in the same time. The voucher is redeemable at the cash register for all items, so that the recipient of this voucher can choose a gift according to his taste and for the products he is just looking for, buying or needing. The gift voucher is original as the recipient can decide on the purchase itself. You can receive the voucher by e-mail, you can also sprint it or send it to the recipient together with a postcard, which is more personal.

05. Extra Postcards

The “Extra Postcards” are elegant, original and create a more personal approach for any occasion. From our suggestions you can choose a speech, a poem, a greeting card, or you can compose it yourself. E-greetings can be sent directly to the celebrity e-mail or you can mark the recipient’s address and we send the greetings in physical form, which is more personal. We recommend that you include a gift card next to your congratulations.

06. Promotion gifts

Promotion gifts” are selected items intended to promote businesses with an embossed logo on the items. With a stylish, colourful and original gift, the company presents itself and makes a unique impression. Extra and luxury business gifts are suitable for all those who want to impress, be different, original and surely your recipient will not forget you company. Promotional gifts are important for the development and advancement of a company. Get promoted with our promo gifts and become special and number one.