General terms

General Terms and Conditions of the Prize Giveaway GIFT BOX


Article 1

(1) The organizer of the prize giveaway is NEW FLAME, spletna trgovina, d.o.o., Vrtna ulica 17, 3220 Štore, EU-Slovenia (hereinafter the organizer).

(2) The prize giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network. The recipient of the data made available by the participant is not Facebook, but the organizer. The content of the prize draw is the sole responsibility of the organizer – not Facebook. Facebook assumes no responsibility in connection with the competition.

(3) The prize draw will take place until canceled by the organizer. Prize draws will take place every 10 days, on the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month, for each country separately: Slovenia and Croatia. If the draw date occurs on a weekend or holiday, the draw is automatically postponed to the first working day, without notifying the participants and previously set draw dates.


Article 2

(1) Adults with permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia and Croatia may participate in the prize draw. Minors (under the age of 18) must have the prior written consent of their parents or legal guardians to participate in the prize draw. Legal entities are not allowed to participate in the prize draw.

(2) The condition for participation in the prize giveaway is that the participants are acquainted with the general conditions and agree with all the rules of the prize giveaway. By participating in the prize draw, the participant is considered to agree to all conditions and rules related to the prize draw.

(3) The purchase is not a condition for participation in the prize giveaway.

(4) The participants in the prize giveaway cover all the costs of participation in the prize giveaway.

The costs of participation include:

  • cost of internet access;
  • the cost of transferring data from the Internet.


Article 3

(1) The start date of the prize draw is: 20.06.2020. The prize draw takes place every 10 days and lasts until canceled.

(2) By participating in the prize giveaway, it is considered that the participant accepts these general conditions of participation in the prize giveaway and the conditions published on the website.

(3) In the event of incomplete, incorrect or untrue data (e-mail address or data referred to in paragraph 3 of Article 11 of these General Terms and Conditions), the organizer reserves the right to refuse or exclude a participant from the prize giveaway.

The participant loses the right to the prize if the organizer finds that:

  • the participant did not meet the conditions for participation;
  • the participant violated the rules and conditions of participation in the prize giveaway;
  • the participant does not want to fulfill the obligations in accordance with these conditions or special conditions published on the Website and / or Facebook Profile or has not fulfilled them in time;
  • in the case of applications: if the application is in any way inappropriate.

In the event that a participant loses the right to a prize, the organizer decides whether to award the prize to someone else or not.

(4) In the event that the participant is drawn or selected as the winner, the latter by accepting the prize gives irrevocable consent to cooperate with the organizer or. co-organizers in terms of photographing the winner for advertising purposes or. publications of the material thus obtained in all media (print media, websites, Facebook profiles, advertising editions or other media) of the organizer or co-organizer of the prize giveaway without the right to compensation or payments. At the same time, it waives the right to review, approve, oppose any use of the material, editorial choice or appearance of the material.


Article 4

(1) The prize giveaway takes place on the Extra Gifts website:

For Slovenia: ,

And Croatia:,

under the Gift box tab.

(2) An individual wishing to participate in the prize giveaway must, under the section Gift box, click the button “Participate in the prize giveaway” and fill in the application form, enter a valid e-mail address, check the checkbox “I agree with the terms of participation” and click on the Registration button. That’s when the buttons for sharing on social networks appear: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. It is necessary to share any selected Gift Box on your social network. The shares are unlimited.

(3) The obligatory condition for successful participation in the prize giveaway is the sharing of the post on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest). Sharing is also enabled directly on the website. Participants can share the post on their Facebook profile or other social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest) indefinitely with a single email. The draw is made according to the list of obtained e-mails, with the e-mail entered by the participant. The participant can enter only one e-mail address in the particular (one) prize draw. If the participant wants more chances to win a prize, he / she can apply from several of his / her e-mails, if he / she has them.

(4) It is desirable that an individual participates in the prize giveaway several times and shares the post on various social networks several times, thus increasing the chance of winning the prize. Described in point 3 of this article.


Article 5

(1) An individual participant in a prize giveaway may receive only one of the prizes in an individual draw. The participant can participate in the prize giveaway several times, participation is limited to only one user’s e-mail, so we recommend that the participant accesses from different emails for multiple participation.

(2) The organizer awards 1 prize within an individual prize giveaway, namely the GIFT BOX product.

(3) The prize received by the winner is any GIFT BOX, which is published on the website in the amount of up to EUR 29.90 / converted into Croatian Kuna for the Croatian market.

(4) Prizes are not exchangeable for another type of prize, payable in cash or transferable to third parties.


Article 6

(1) The organization, implementation and supervision over the course of the prize giveaway and the drawing of winners will be taken care of by a commission composed of representatives of the organizer. The draw is made by the organizer and is not public. It will be carried out with the help of a computer program based on the division of the prize giveaway on social networks.

(2) The drawing of prizes will take place on the day specified in the description of the prize giveaway on the Website / under the heading Winners, and optionally on the Facebook Profile of the organizer for the Slovenian (Extra Gifts) and Croatian market (Extra


Article 7

(1) The winner will receive a notification of the prize to his / her e-mail address, which he / she submitted in the application form on the website or

(2) By participating in an individual prize giveaway, the participant agrees that in the event of a draw, the organizer will publish it as a winner on the website Extra Gifts ( for the Slovenian market, and ( for the Croatian market, under the heading Winners with Name and the first initial of the Surname, and the city. The winner also agrees that the organizer can also post on the Facebook Profile (Slovenian or Croatian) and also mark (“tag”).

(3) The list of winners will be published on the Website and / optionally also on the Facebook Profile no later than three days after the drawing of prizes.

(4) The results of the prize giveaway are final. It is not possible to appeal against them.


Article 8

(1) In the event of a violation of the above rules of the prize giveaway, the organizer reserves the right to exclude violators from the prize giveaway without prior warning. In case of exclusion of participation from the prize giveaway, the winner may be subsequently deprived of prizes or the winner is required to return the prizes already handed over or, in the event of the opening or destruction of the prize, a refund in the amount of the prize received. If the subsequently excluded winner no longer has the prize at his / her disposal, a monetary amount equal to the value of the received prize may be demanded from him / her.


Article 9

(1) As a winner, the participant is entitled to accept the prize if the organizer or administrator of the website informs him / her about the prize within the agreed deadline.

(2) Prizes are taxed under the Personal Income Tax Act. The winner is liable to pay personal income tax in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act (other benefits, including prizes). The advance payment of personal income tax is calculated and paid by the organizer of the prize giveaway or co-organizer or sponsor who provides a prize if the prize exceeds the amount of 42.00 euros.

(3) In order to receive the prize, the winner must submit the following personal data upon a written invitation from the organizer: name and surname, exact address of permanent residence, place of residence, tax number and tax office. For the purpose of informing about the receipt of the prize, the winner will also provide a contact telephone number.

If the winner does not submit the necessary information within five days after the date of the invitation to e-mail, he loses the right to the prize without the right to any compensation.

(4) The organizer shall notify the winner of the receipt of the prize by a written invitation referred to in paragraph (3) of this Article and shall agree on the delivery of the prize. In addition to personal data, the participant is obliged to inform the organizer of the product / prize defined in Article 4 of these Terms.

(5) The organizer undertakes to send the prize to the winner free of charge by post and to cover the cost of a single delivery. Upon receipt of complete information, the prize will be sent to the winner by post within 10 (ten) working days. The organizer does not assume any costs incurred by accepting the prize.

(6) Persons under the age of 18 must submit the written consent of their parents or legal guardian to the organizer at the same time as the information referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article, and no later than the receipt of the prize.

Written consent can be formed by the parents or legal guardians themselves and sent to our e-mail.

(7) Participants are acquainted with the possibility of winning a prize, which may be subject to taxation under the Personal Income Tax Act. The advance payment of personal income tax for prizes is paid by the organizer, and the winners are obliged to submit detailed personal data in writing (name and surname, address of permanent residence, tax branch, their tax number) to the organizer in writing as personal income tax payers (paragraph 2 of Article 35 of ZDavP-2) no later than 14 days from the receipt of the notification of receipt of the prize (or within another period specified in the notification). Submission of the above data is a condition for accepting any prize whose value exceeds EUR 42 including VAT. If the winner does not provide this information to the organizer within the required time, he is not entitled to request the delivery of the prize from the organizer. In these cases, (refusal or late submission of prescribed personal data), the organizer is free of all obligations arising from these rules to the winner. In case the winner is a minor, the organizer will pay an advance payment of personal income tax for his parents or. his legal representative. Other possible tax liabilities or any other costs related to the prize are borne by the winner himself.


Article 10

(1) The organizer is not responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from participation in the prize giveaway, if the server is unavailable, unless this can be attributed to extremely negligent or intentional acts that the organizer is obliged to represent. In addition, the organizer is not responsible for any technical errors and disturbances, power outages or electricity. In the event of an early termination of the prize draw for reasons other than his own, the organizer reserves the right to award prizes among those who participated in the prize draw until the moment of suspension or not to complete the prize draw without any obligation to participants.


Article 11

(1) The organizer NEW FLAME, as the controller of personal data, respects the privacy of the participants in each prize giveaway and undertakes to handle the personal data obtained during the prize giveaway carefully and to protect and process them in accordance with the Protection Act. personal data and the Rules on personal data protection adopted by the organizer.

(2) Without the express consent of the participants of an individual prize giveaway, the personal data of the participants will not be passed on to a third party or used for purposes other than exclusively for the needs of successful integrated implementation of the prize giveaway. In the event that the organizer organizes the prize giveaway together with the co-organizer, the co-organizer will provide the co-organizer with a list of winners.

(3) If the participant in the prize giveaway agrees to receive e-newsletters from the organizer and / or co-organizer, the organizer may also forward e-mail addresses to the co-organizer of the prize giveaway.

(4) The Organizer does not assume any responsibility for data protection on the websites to which certain links on the Organizer’s Websites lead, nor does it assume responsibility for any errors that may occur when providing incorrect or false information by participants in the prize giveaway.

(5) The participant of the prize giveaway allows the organizer as the controller of the personal data collection to manage, maintain and process the database of submitted personal data for the needs of the prize giveaway in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Ul RS no. 86/04 and 67/07).

Personal data in the personal data collection of the winners and the purpose of their collection, processing, storage and use:

  • e-mail address (for the purposes of participating in the prize draw, drawing and forwarding written invitations from the organizer after further action in case of entitlement to the prize and for promotions);
  • name and surname, address and place of residence (for the purposes of identifying the winner, drawing lots, informing about prizes and informing about the method of receiving prizes and for reporting to tax authorities in accordance with applicable tax legislation in the Republic of Slovenia and Croatia);
  • contact telephone or GSM number (for information purposes in case of any problems with the delivery of the prize);
  • tax number and tax office of the winner (for the purposes of reporting to the tax authorities in accordance with the applicable tax legislation in the Republic of Slovenia)

(6) During the management of personal data, each individual participant has the option of viewing, transcribing, copying, supplementing, correcting, blocking and deleting personal data in the personal data file, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

(7) The data shall be stored in computer form. Upon termination of the need to keep data or upon request of the winner, the data shall be deleted.

(8) Data users are the administrator of the Website and / or Facebook Profile and are responsible for the delivery of prizes.

(9) By participating in the prize giveaway, the participant agrees that the organizer may send him free general notices – news, promotions, and notices related to the prize giveaway via e-mail or telephone number from para. Article 11 of these conditions until the revocation of this consent or until the fulfillment of the purpose of keeping contact data.


Article 12

(1) Participants in the prize giveaway, which boasts frequent prize giveaways, are also spreading in the Facebook community. The organizer does not take responsibility for non-compliance with the conditions of the Facebook Facebook community by the participants of the prize giveaway. It also does not assume responsibility for which successful results were created as a result of posting posts on the Facebook Profile.

(2) The organizer supports the supplement of its conversations about the giveaways with an offer, but if it requests to submit technical or commercial nature or reasons on the part of the public.

(3) The organizer of participation will initiate notification of all changes in the new prize giveaways by posting on the Website in the / optional Facebook Profile.

(4) Questions about confidentiality in the use of personal data, which they wanted to publish with information about the embedded giveaway, are addressed to the e-mail address: [email protected]

Place and date of publication these Terms and Conditions: Štore, 19 June 2020